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 Organizations face the need to adapt faster than ever to a changing environment and customer needs. These customer needs are communicated (online) 24 hours per day. Therefore, firms need to be able to structurally transform in demand-driven organizations. A demand-driven organization thinks and acts from the first contact with a client.

Whereas contact between credit management and the customer used to start only at the placing of the order, now the contact can start at the first contact, namely the prospecting. This is due to the fact that Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and credit management are integrated into one process.

Consequently, the organization can financially assist the client from the prospect moment. Thus, Order to Cash transforms into “First Contact to Cash”. Credit management becomes sales support and becomes an integrated component of Customer Relationship Management. 

The result is a quicker and better settlement of complaints followed by improved customer and employee satisfaction, higher turnover, and better cash flow through a faster payment of invoices. The whole “First Contact to Cash” process is managed. Step into the future with “First Contact to Cash”: The world’s best Customer Relationship Management system fully integrated with the world’s most innovative Customer Credit Management (CCM) system.


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