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What can MaxCredible Shipping do for you?

First Contact to Cash can offer you improved customer and employee satisfaction, higher turnover, and better cash flow through a faster payment of invoices. At the same time, unnecessary costs as a result of inefficient communication and bad debt are avoided. This is a huge breakthrough in Customer Relationship Management. The whole “First Contact to Cash” process is managed. Step into the future with “First Contact to Cash”: The world’s best Customer Relationship Management system fully integrated with the world’s most innovative Customer Credit Management (CCM) system.


What can MaxCredible Shipping offer you?

The concept of first contact to cash is a cluster of SaaS services/products working in tandem on the Saleforce platform and ecosystem which provide business teams with a 360-degree overview of the company’s clients. Sales divisions, marketing, invoicing or accounts receivables have the opportunity to follow the client in real time as a single entity, enabling sales transactions to flow seamlessly.

The benefits of this are far reaching as this affects how the organization interacts with its clients, and how it views its clients through a much richer lens. Each corporate division (Sales, Marketing, Finance, Operations and Logistics) understand what to do, when to interact and how to interact with clients resulting in a much more effective and efficient client relationship. Below is a Synopsis of each Service that bring First Contact To Cash to you.


The first step in the platform is FaceValue which entails the Sales and Marketing component of the platform. It comprises the first contact to both prospects and existing customers. Through 19 Point of Purchase (PoP) moments the organization’s products and services are offered. This is done according to the best practices for each PoP which are measured by the KPIs. These KPIs are shown within FaceValue in the dashboards. The dashboards contain an oversight about which PoPs are creating the most value.

Within FaceValue promotions are created which are sent to prospects and clients. These promotions are made in the most attractive way to ensure the company’s products and services are marketed in the most attractive wat. The result is that through using the 19 PoPs at the same time, Sales and Marketing costs are reduced to a minimum.


 Salesforce CPQ

In industries where products have a large number of options, Sales and Finance divisions struggle to identify and purchase cost effective information systems that can quickly and accurately compute a vast number of options per order per product per quote. Often the only alternative is Microsoft Excel which was not built for this task. Although this is a well-known issue, key Managers are yet unaware of the benefits of CPQ that address and solve this issue cost effectively.

Salesforce CPQ, (Configure, Price, quote) is a SaaS (Software as a Service) offering which has a combination of powerful features to enable companies to accurately and quickly configure the price of their products (or combination with services). Typically, the product offering has a vast set of options for each quote which may change constantly according to each client’s requirements.

Under First Contact to Cash, NNCourage delivers a combination of unique services which respond to the requirements in complex product offerings in manufacturing processes (Tacton CPQ) combined with the industry leading standard Salesforce CRM and Salesforce CPQ. This combination of expertise delivers a total solution in any industry where the product or services have a vast array of options by default, such as in the Manufacturing, Professional Services, or Software companies.


NNextBilling Invoicing Systems

NNextBilling is a fully automated invoicing service that addresses the order and invoice dispatch. A key feature of NNextBilling is its ability to calculate added value tax (VAT, BTW) based on the issuers home country automatically, seamlessly. The Finance department has the ability to customize invoice templates for each customer or group of customers for a personalized invoice message. One of the key benefits clients find with NNextBilling is the ability to generate complex invoices with multiple options (also subscriptions) within five minutes and to make changes in a user-friendly way, but also for the Sales division to view (paid) transactions in real time.

NNextbilling is a highly versatile product and can connect with several finance related ERP systems effortlessly through NNCourage Consulting Services. This means that organizations need not worry about integrating or changing their existing systems (software/SaaS). No more administrative overhead, no more errors, no more rework!

Exact Online

Exact Online comes after Billing. It is the bookkeeping part in the platform which receives the invoice from NNextBilling. Exact Online provides your organization with realtime insight into both your finances and your relationship management. Everything is integrated into one online package.

This is Exact Online’s most important advantage: The organization’s bookkeeping and CRM are integrated into one package ensuring that time consuming administrative work is automated and all company information is available anywhere and at all times.



A small but important step between Exact Online and MaxCredible’s CCM solution is D-Basics. D-Basics is software linking Exact’s bookkeeping program with MaxCredible’s CCM application. D-Basics gathers all your financial information and pushes it to your CCM application. It is able to connect with a large number of accounting packages and ensures that financial information can be used by other software.


MaxCredible CCM

The MaxCredible Customer Credit Management Software helps clients worldwide to improve cashflow by delivering contact to cash cloud software. MaxCredible CCMS is designed to simplify and automate the creditmanagement and customer risk handling processes.

By design the platform is made to shorten time cash outstanding while decreasing costs and maintain satisfied customers. All stakeholders will be involved in the proces of speeding up dunning for 50% while lowering collection costs for 50%. In order to reach this we take the characteristics, requirements, and limitations of customers in consideration.



Quantforce’s software solutions bring the power of predictive analytics and big data to where it belongs - right at the heart of the decision making process. Quantforce allows any user to benefit from the predictive power hidden inside any data set.

Quantforce will be attached to MaxCredible’s CCM software and ensures you have the tools necessary to understand your data and find out what your organization’s key data drivers are. It enables you to create predictive models regardless what branche you operate in.

Eventually the goal is to simplify the decision making process by analyzing your Business Intelligence. In turn, this provides your organization with the means to improve customer relationship management and customer satisfaction.


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