Questions & Answers

Do the separate components within the platform easily work together?

The whole FCTC platform is integrated and completely works on Salesforce enabling it to perform seamlessly.

What happens to my invoice after I send it?

The invoice is automatically transferred to the bookkeeping program, Exact Online

Do I need any other applications besides FCTC to ensure efficient cash management?

No, FCTC covers the whole cash management process, removing the need for any additional application. Furthermore, due to good communication between all the steps, the platform works smooth and seamlessly, further eliminating the need for additional parts.

Will such an elaborate platform increase the time needed to perform all the tasks necessary?

Because the system is well integrated, this will reduce the time needed to perform all the tasks. All the steps are connected, increasing the efficiency with which all tasks are carried out.

Can we sent messages for different brands to different countries?

By segmenting the brands and countries to different profiles you can add different templates for different brands in various languages and with different local settings to accomodate the customs in different countries.

Is the FCTC platform multilingual?

The platform supports multiple languages. The settings are saved per user so any user can set his own preferred interface language.

Can the FCTC platform be linked to ERP systems?

The FCTC platform is easy to link to ERP systems. In many companies this is currently done using ERP systems such as Oracle and SAP for example. Considerations include rapid installation, ease of use, unlimited possibilities and functionalities and also price.

Is it necessary to use the whole platform for it to work properly?

No, though the whole platform is integrated, each part of the platform works separately as well.

Does FCTC enable me to automatically generate contracts and offers?

CPQ enables you to create contracts and offers. CPQ has several templates available for this so for each customer a separate contract of offer can be created.

Do I need a specific service provider to handle my payments?

No PaymentHub allows payments from any source and any service provider or bank.

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